Pulpit Supply



Updated November, 2016 as approved by the New Castle Presbytery's Committee on Ministry.
NamePhone #EmailChurch
Elder Judy Adams
(CRE Grad)
H: 302-245-0484[email protected]First PC of Milford
Rev. Gary BaerH: 302-539-4324
C: 443-497-1132
[email protected]Honorably Retired
Elder Reid BeveridgeO: 302-684-8834
C: 302-299-5041
[email protected]PC of Dover
Rev. Donna BowersC: 302-682-8323[email protected]NCP Member at Large
Rev. Scott BurkleyH: 302-378-4446[email protected]Honorably Retired
Rev. Tom DavisH: 302-429-0607
C: 302-319-2338
[email protected]Honorably Retired
Rev. John DeanH: 302-652-4306[email protected]Honorably Retired
Rev. Elisa DillerH: 302-369-6756[email protected]Member at Large
Rev. Lyle DykstraC: 302-383-7445[email protected]Honorably Retired
Rev. Edee Fenimore [email protected]Honorably Retired
Rev. Nancy FergusonH: 757-824-3652[email protected]Honorably Retired
Rev. Charles Gilmore C: 917-940-5223[email protected]Honorably Retired
Elder Anne Gunn
(CRE Grad)
H: 302-547-3784[email protected]Westminster PC
Rev. Barbara Hedges-GoettlC: 262-308-2501[email protected]Milwaukee Presbytery (currently residing in Philadelphia)
Rev. Nona HolyC: 302-299-9077[email protected]Presbyterian Campus Ministry
Rev. Grace Howard C: 443-397-5916[email protected]NCP Member at Large
Elder Lee Johnson
(CRE Grad)
H: 410-632-3292[email protected]Makemie Memorial PC
Elder Betty Kasperski
(CRE Grad)
C: 302-381-3198[email protected]Georgetown PC
Rev. Debra Latture C: 443-235-4392[email protected]NCP Member at Large
Rev. Carl MazzaC: 443-553-4694[email protected]Honorably Retired
Rev. Jim MoseleyO: 302-366-0595[email protected]Executive Presbyter,
New Castle Presbytery
Rev. John PadersonH: 302-738-0840[email protected]Honorably Retired
Rev. Kathie PownallC: 302-373-7127[email protected] NCP Member at Large
Rev. Cliff RichardsC: 302-367-2583[email protected]Honorably Retired
Rev. Everett SahrbeckH: 302-674-8871[email protected] Honorably Retired
Rev. Emily SchwenkerH: 610-388-3103[email protected]NCP Member at Large
Rev. William ShacklefordH: 410-651-1238[email protected]Honorably Retired
Rev. Bob UndercufflerH: 610-467-1310[email protected] Honorably Retired
Elder Graison WainwrightH: 410-641-2646[email protected]Ocean City PC
Rev. Jenny WarrenC: 302-690-4517[email protected]NCP Member at Large
Rev. Tim WoodruffH: 302-478-3950[email protected]NCP Member at Large

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2015 NCP Fees for Pastoral Services

**If you have exhausted ALL possibilities (minister members on our pulpit supply list, retired or member-at-large PCUSA teaching elders in our directory) and need further assistance, please contact our Executive Presbyter, Jim Moseley . 


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