The Speer Trust


July 24, 2017

For the last 30 years, New Castle Presbytery has been utilizing the resources of our Speer Trust Fund to provide funding for organizations throughout Delaware and the Maryland Eastern Shore. We have funded hundreds of agencies working on issues of poverty and development, and invested millions of dollars into the economy of the region.

 Two years ago our Administrative Commission for the Speer Trust began our first substantive review of the funding process and they recommended changes in the way the fund resources are utilized. As a result of that review, and the subsequent reorganization of New Castle Presbytery, there are two pieces of information we would like to share today.

First, the next deadline for Speer Trust grants will be September 15, 2017 rather than the “traditional” October date. All proposals must be filed online and submitted by noon on that day. For more information, see the Speer Trust web page

Second, the Speer Trust will fold its work into that of New Castle Presbytery after January 1, 2018, and new funding guidelines will apply. Those guidelines are in development and will likely not be available until after the first of the year. I anticipate that they will focus on providing resources to our congregations and their partners to work towards the transformation of both their churches and communities. Our intent is to build stronger relationships between our churches and community ministries and to continue to be good partners with our friends in ministry.

As decisions are made and details become available, we will share them with you. This will likely be done electronically as we move into a more digital world. Do feel free to be in touch with our office at any time if you have questions.

Thank you for all you do, and for all your work for justice in Delaware and on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

In peace,

Bob Schminkey

Stated Clerk and Interim Mission Director