Who We Are

We are 49 communities,

some well into their fourth century,

and some just taking their first teetering steps.

We are families, tribes, and gatherings of generations

that shift and change throughout the years.

We care about worship.

We care about equipping our people to live meaningfully

and faithfully in this ever-changing world,

and about making a difference in our communities near and far.

We love to eat, to laugh, to pray,

and to dream.

We want the world to know the power of following Jesus –

the transformative power of grace,

the disarming power of forgiveness,

the tenacious power of love

that refuses to give up.

We want to relish the abundant life

that is found in Christ.

We want to boldly live into God’s call to be

the light of the world,

the salt of the earth,

and a sign of hope

in a hopeless world.

We want to be accountable and responsible.

We want to grow in every way –

to grow in depth of faith,

to grow in our impact on our communities,

to grow in number.

But how?

This is why we are connected as a presbytery.

We are sibling churches who can, through elected committees and teams,

support and challenge one another,

watch out for each other,

and keep one another focused on our reason for being:

to live the Gospel in all that we do.

Meet Our Team