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Commissioned Ruling Elder Rourke Moore

Moderator (2022)
(302) 559-2497; Email Rourke

Rourke serves as Chair of the Presbytery Committee on Coordination in consultation with staff, performs duties specified in the Book of Order, and appoints committees and commissions.


The Rev. Matt Waters

Vice Moderator (2022), Rev. Matt Waters

(302) 465-8252; Email Matt

Matt serves as a member of the Presbytery Committee on Coordination in consultation with staff, and fulfills the duties of the Moderator, either in the absence of the Moderator or at his request.

The Rev. Shannon Hanson

President, Trustees & Financial Resources

Email Shannon

Shannon prepares and proposes an annual budget, conducts an annual financial review, monitors investment performance, and assists congregations in developing plans for care and maintenance of property.

Rev. Dr. Tracy Keenan, NCP Missional Presbyter

The Rev. Dr. Tracy Keenan

Missional Presbyter
(302) 366-0595 X1; Email Tracy

Tracy sparks enthusiasm and hope, in member churches, by helping them to connect their dreams, ideas, and leaders with the work of the Ignite Team.  Tracy also serves as Co-Executive with the Connectional Presbyter. View the Missional Presbyter position description here.

The Rev. Cindy Kohlmann

Connectional Presbyter/Stated Clerk

(302) 366-0595 X2 (office); Email Cindy

Cindy serves as  Connectional Presbyter and Stated Clerk staffing Leadership, COC, COMC and CPMM. She provides pastoral support to NCP ministers and serves as Co-Executive with the Missional Presbyter.  View the full position description here.

Donna L. Scully

Administrator/Assistant Stated Clerk
(302) 366-0595 X0; Email Donna

Donna provides operational, organizational, managerial, and communication functions for the NCP office and staff and the presbytery as a whole.  View the Administrator/Assistant Stated Clerk’s position description here.

Jerry Hunter

Accounting Administrator/Treasurer
(302) 366-0595 X3; Email Jerry

Jerry performs financial functions and services for the presbytery.  View the Accounting Administrator/Treasurer position descriptions here



Elder Gary Patterson

Committee on Leadership (COL) Chair

Email Gary

Gary facilitates the COL’s responsibilities by developing and administrating personnel policies, providing support for Presbytery staff, responding to routine concerns, and working with the Committee on Coordination in leadership development.

Rev. Tom Davis, NCP Interfaith Peacemaker

The Rev. Dr. Tom Davis

Interfaith Peacemaker

Email Tom

Tom provides ministries with and to veterans of any faith. Using photography and videography, people learn to redefine the narratives of their lives.

Ruling Elder Terry Dykstra

Mission Advocate

Email Terry

Terry brings current societal concerns together with denominational and other resources to give congregations concrete actions toward help and healing.

Rev. Nona Holy, NCP Campus Ministry Pastor

The Rev. Nona Holy

LUMOS Campus Minister
(302) 454-7801

Email Nona

Nona leads the LUMOS Campus Ministry at the University of Delaware. LUMOS is both respite and challenge, offering spiritual nurture, community, and strength to grow.