Balcony 2

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Balcony 2 is the name given to the New Castle Presbytery listening and visioning team. Working with North Star Strategies, the goal is to facilitate a Presbytery-wide conversation reaching into every congregation and corner of our diverse geographic area in order to discern a way forward.

Continue the journey by viewing the summaries of comments to the survey by registering to log-in to the comments. There you can view the raw comments, summaries of comments and even provide your additional feedback.

The instructions to participate are:

1.     Register at

–          Go to:
–          In the top right hand corner, click: “register”
–          Enter a Username of your choosing
–          Enter the E-mail address you used for the survey
–          Create a password
–          Sign-in and you should see information related to “Discerning the Vision for New Castle Presbytery”

2.     Provide your comments in the Collaborative Design (CD) workspaces

–          Look down the right hand side of the page to find the CDs. These have titles such as: “Assumptions re: Current Performance” or “Issues re: Vision”
–          Click on that title
–          The opinions from the survey related to that topic are listed in the left-hand column.
–          A summary of the comments provided by the 445 participants is listed in the center column.
–          Comments by others show up as yellow sticky notes.  You can hover over the sticky note to read them, or you can click on the text in the columns and the comments will appear on the right hand side of the page.
–          By clicking on the text in the columns you will get a comment box where you can make additional comments and add suggestions.  You may make comments anonymously or have them attributed to you by using the check box above the comment box.
–          Please note that once you submit a comment, you can’t edit it. You will need to add a second comment that says to disregard the previous one.

At any time to return to the start page, click on the Compass logo in the top left corner.