2022 NCP Bay Retreat

Partake of the videos and materials from this year’s retreat!

Videos are available on the NCP YouTube channel. Please note not all workshop were successfully recorded, with our apologies! Available materials are noted below.
Our Bay Retreat was packed with prayerful new ways of encountering God’s Word.

The Rev. Shanea Leonard …

Preached on Friday morning to open the retreat and on Saturday morning to open the 860th Presbytery Assembly. Experience the video sermons on Micah 6:8.

Ruling Elder Rick Ufford-Chase…

Brought some fresh new explorations in “Matthew 25: Spiritual Grounding for the Work at Hand” from texts many of us have heard all our lives and inviting us to consider how we might have missed some vital and potent truths. View the keynote on the link through the top of this webpage.

The Plural Guild/ The Many …

Led our music and worship with liturgy and lyrics that go straight to the heart of the struggle of this world and the hope we have in Jesus. They also led a workshop on “Creating Meaningful Worship”, available on the
link through the top of this webpage.
View more about The Plural Guild: https://www.pluralguild.com/

The Rev. Carlton Johnson…

Gave an overview of what it means to enter into the Vital Congregations initiative. View the workshop video on the link through the top of this webpage and access the PowerPoint from his presentation here.

The Rev. Cheryl Galan…

Interim Executive Presbytery of Carlisle Presbytery, facilitated two workshops on “Stories for Tending the Soul”. View the meeting materials from her presentation as follows:

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