COMC – Churches in Transition


Tran si tion (noun):

“The process or period of changing from one state or condition to the other.”





The Church Leadership Connection (CLC) is the PC(USA)’s web-based computer matching and referral system.  This system provides global access and visibility for both calling organizations and call seekers.  CLC policies are in compliance with the Book of Order, they do not supersede the authority of mid-councils, but work in partnership to support presbytery mission.  CLC adheres to values of fairness and openness and affirms the denomination’s polity of these issues.

The mission of CLC is “To help search committees and call seekers with a high likelihood of “fit” to make an initial connection, relying on them to go deeper in exchange of information, conversation and discernment.”  ~As presented in the Introduction of the CLC User Guide below