COMC – Specific Duties


The Committee on

Ministers & Congregations … 

(As described in the NCP Manual of Operations)

  1. Serves as pastor and counselor to all Ministers and Commissioned Ruling Elders.
  2. Facilitates relationships between congregations and Ministers and Commissioned Ruling Elders.
  3. Counsels with sessions as invited concerning reported or observed difficulties within a congregation, including:
    • Advises the session as to appropriate actions to be taken to resolve the reported difficulties
    • Offers to help as a mediator
    • Acts to correct the difficulties if requested to do so by the session or if the session is unable or unwilling to do so
    • Follows the procedural safeguards of the Rules of Discipline and recommends to the Presbytery the appointment of administrative commissions to assume original jurisdiction in any situation in which it determines that a session is not properly exercising its authority
  4. Proposes annually the minimum compensation standards for pastoral calls and approve sabbaticals and mini-sabbaticals.
  5. Provides for periodic rounding visits (COMC liaison visit with session/pastor).
  6. Proposes and administers any financial support to be provided by Presbytery for Ministers.
  7. Approves the terms of call and contracts for Ministers.
  8. Approves the Commissions and contracts for Commissioned Ruling Elders (CREs) and provides ongoing supervision for them in their ministries.
  9. Examines and receives Ministers by transfer from other presbyteries for the purpose of accepting valid calls to ministry and/or membership in the Presbytery (see Appendix F of the NCP Manual of Operations).
    • Reporting all approved Pastoral changes to the next meeting of Presbytery.
    • Formally introducing pastors and CREs new to the Presbytery at the next meeting of Presbytery.
    • Approving and reviewing annually the work of all Ministers engaged in validated ministries outside the congregation.