Commission on Preparation for Missional Ministry (CPMM)

What is the CPMM?

The Commission on Preparation for Missional Ministry (CPMM) guides the official preparation process for women and men seeking to become Ministers of the Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Our CPMM seeks to be companions in this journey of intentional discernment while supervising those who are to be ordained through two preparation phases:

  • Inquiry- exploring the call to ministry
  • Candidacy- preparation to serve the church

We strive to serve as a helpful guide for current and future inquirers and candidates as well as their sessions, congregations, and others who support them.

What are the Guidelines for CREs?

Meeting Location

CPMM meetings are held virtually. Official correspondence with the CPMM, including submission of forms and paperwork, should be directed to the CPMM secretary.
Direct questions, updates, concerns and other CPMM needs to the CPMM Chair or an inquirer/candidate’s individual liaison.

Theological Roots

Preparing for ministry of Word and Sacrament is a process of discernment. Sometimes individuals seek the confirmation of the community that they have heard God’s call clearly. Other times the community calls forward those who have the gifts it needs. Either way, discernment involves utilizing both spiritual disciplines and gifts to find consensus regarding whom God is calling to use their gifts in specific ministries centered in the Word and Sacraments on behalf of God’s people. The process succeeds whenever individuals are placed where their gifts meet with the call of the community and most fundamentally with God’s call to serve the needs of others even if that place of ministry does not entail the functions of ministry of Word and Sacrament as understood within the Presbyterian Church.