The Ignite Team was formed by New Castle Presbytery after several years of prayerful visioning and courageous restructuring to spark and kindle the missional ministry of each of our congregations and new worshiping communities. “Relational, contextual, and bold” describe the partnerships we seek to develop and deepen between congregations and their communities.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is already at work in our communities and that as we partner with others beyond our church walls to share in the work Jesus has called us to – addressing issues of hunger, homelessness, injustice, racism, and more – we will learn and be changed, because when we encounter the living God, we cannot remain the same.

Here are some ways we seek to live into this challenge and call:


This is our second year of inviting proposals for partnerships from congregations and presbytery mission partners to be supported, funded, and encouraged through our significant presbytery resources. Ignite Grants are more than financial help; they are intended to promote the kind of collaboration that honors what God is doing inside and outside the Church.

Adaptive Change

Fourteen of our fifty congregations and faith communities are engaging in a year-long endeavor led by consultants called Unglued Church to help us become “unstuck,” to see ourselves more clearly, and to discern how God is calling us to let go of old, unhealthy habits and detritus, and step boldly into a new sense of identity and openness to the world we are called to love as God does. This work is also training fourteen Adaptive Change Advisors who can bring their learnings to others.


Our Covenantal Partnership Team offers support, advocacy, and accountability to:

The Covenantal Partnership Team is represented by:

  • Tim Bostick (Ignite)
  • Steve Clark (COMC)
  • Tom Davis (Interfaith Peacemaker)
  • Terry Dykstra (Mission Advocate and NCP Immigrant Justice)
  • Chelsea Spyres (Riverfront)
  • Trustees and Montgomery Group
  • Brooke Scott (Church on Main)
  • Laurie Loveless (Congo)
  • Carrie Saathoff (Guatemala)

Empowering Pastors and Congregations

Supporting, equipping, and encouraging pastors and congregations in the development of missional leadership with a healthy balance of spiritual nourishment and the challenge to love this world with the love of Christ – wildly vast and radically gracious.

Ignite Resources

For general resources to assist you or your congregation with Ignite, learn more here.