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2019 Presbytery-wide Book Read with Ignite!

It is no secret that our society’s attitude toward church is changing. More and more people are classifying themselves as ‘nones’ meaning they have no religious affiliation. Many of our churches are getting smaller and older. Church members are looking to the pastors hoping they know what to do, but as Tod Bolsinger writes in his book Canoeing the Mountains, our seminaries have not prepared us for the changes that our churches are experiencing. We are facing uncharted terrain. Bolsinger then proceeds to use the Lewis and Clark Expedition as a guide for how our churches should journey through this uncharted terrain. Just as Lewis and Clark had to give up their canoes when unexpectedly faced with the Rocky Mountains so do we need to adapt to changes our churches are facing in these new times. 

It is in this light that the Ignite Team is recommending every pastor and every church read Bolsinger’s Canoeing the Mountains. It is Ignite’s hope to facilitate discussion groups throughout the presbytery so that we might learn from one another and seek to find our way in uncharted territory.

The Ignite Team is making this book available through the presbytery at a cost of $10 per book or $10.50 via credit card, a savings of over $8.50 if bought on Amazon.

Contact the presbytery office for purchase.

Listen to the audio presentation from the Beach Retreat here and join us!