Ignite Team Members

The Ignite Team can be contacted via the joint email at:  [email protected]. Individual members contact information is available on the password-protected Presbytery directory located at: https://www.ncpresbytery.org/directory/.  If you do not have the password and are a member of the Presbytery, please contact the Presbytery office for access at (302-366-0595) or [email protected].

ModeratorsNona Holy, MWS, LUMOS
Class of 2020Steve Bingham, RE, West Nottingham
Edwin Estevez, MWS, Riverfront
Nona Holy, MWS, LUMOS
Hilary Livingston, MWS, Head of Christiana
Winnie Wagner, RE, St. Andrews
Class of 2021 Tim Bostick, MWS, Limestone
Terry Dougherty, MWS, Ocean View
Carol Fisher, MWS, New Covenant
Cathy Higgins, RE, Westminster Wilmington
Julius Jackson, RE, Community
Eric Koenig-Reinke, MWS, Red Clay Creek
Staff ResourceTracy Keenan, MWS, NCP Missional Presbyter