COVID-19 Resources

PC(USA) COVID vaccination resources dated September, 2021 include a statement by the Stated Clerk on whether PC(USA) theology and polity support a religious exemption to vaccination mandates (spoiler alert: No!), in addition to advice from our General Counsel if you are an employer being asked for such an exemption (it is suggested you work with your own attorney).

New mask mandates for Maryland (5/15/2021) and Delaware (5/21/2021) provide sessions with the opportunity to reassess and guide their congregations to the best worship experience under the current circumstances. Worship is meant to be a public gathering and we should be planning for more than just the people who regularly fill the pews. Also, federal, state and local laws and mandates give us the minimum of what we must do but the session has the right to choose additional precautions and guidance for building use and in-person worship attendance.

May 18, 2021: Several NCP churches have provided their mandates, which are offered as suggestions not requirements to fellow churches. Trinity PC – Mandate as of May 23, 2021 ; Hanover PC – Welcome back to the sanctuary as of June 20, 2021

Sharing resources from across the denomination …

Update from the CDC, 4/27/21 included guidance for how we live and work in community while combatting COVID-19. A diagram was provided showing a simplified risk assessment for various activities based on your vaccination status. Review the Presbytery Pause 4/29/21 edition for full details or link directly to the diagram here. PC(USA) Ruling Elder Lisa Allgood, Executive Presbyter for Cincinnati Presbytery and career immunocytochemist met New Castle Presbytery members on Wednesday, May 5 from 7-8:30 p.m. on Zoom.

NCP PRESENTATION: Updated COVID-19 Guidance(May 5, 2021, 7pm)

NCP PRESENTATION: Vaccines, Variants and Other Various Items (February 9, 2021,7:00 pm with Ruling Elder Lisa Allgood, Executive Presbyter, Cincinnati Presbytery)

Release to churches, 2/24/2021: New Castle Presbytery’s Committee on Coordination presents Regathering Guidelines. The Insurance Board, New Castle Presbytery’s insurance carrier, provides a valuable dedicated webpage for reopening considerations.