Reading the New Testament

January 13, 2016

Dear Friends,

A wonderful way to spend part of each day in 2016 is in reading the Bible, God’s love story for us and for all of creation.  For five minutes of each day this year Presbyterians in New Castle Presbytery are being encouraged to read the Bible together, using the daily reading schedule by the American Bible Society.  By following this simple guide, we will read through the whole New Testament in 2016.

We ask for your prayers for us all to keep the discipline of daily Bible reading and living out its teachings.  We hope this will help us grow closer to God and strengthen our bonds with one another.

Grace and Peace, Bruce Gillette, Moderator, New Castle Presbytery

DAILY READING GUIDE FOR THE New Testament for 2016

Prayerful Reading – Optional back page for Daily Reading Guide



Dear Friends,

As of May 29th, the Daily Bible Guide devotions will be experiencing a hiatus and will return shortly!  We thank you for your interest!



  • May 1-8, I Peter 3-James I (contributors include Holly Clark-Porter, John Ames, Rich Watters, Elise Bates Russell, Bruce Gillette)
  • May 8-14, James 2-Luke I (contributors include Debbie Harper, Karen Cratz, Sister BJ Brown,  Peter C. Bower, Frances Taylor Gench and Carolyn Gillette)
  • May 15-22, Luke 1-5 (contributors include Anne Gunn, Carolyn Gordon, Carolyn Gillette and Ann Weems)
  • May 22-28, Luke 5-8 (contributors include Emily Schwenker, John Paderson, Edee Fenimore, Charles Gilmore and Bruce Gillette)


  • April 3-9, Mark 3-6  (contributors include Carolyn Gillette, Tom Speers, Scott Burkley, Tom Davis, Charles Gilmore, Jr., Frederick Buecher and Ginny Jones)
  • April 10-16, Mark 7-10  (contributors include Sara Holben, Gary Patterson, Carolyn Gillette, Kate LeFranc, Matthew Trask and Matthew Skinner)
  • April 17-23, Mark 10-14  (contributors include Tim Woodruff, Corey Dart, Clifford Richards, Jeff Rogers, Anne Gunn, Cam Yorkston and Bruce Gillette)
  • April 24-30, Mark 14-I Peter 2 (contributors includes devotions by Rourke Moore, Bruce Gillette, Jerry Egger, Mawuna Gardesey, Jeff Howard, Dave Lovelace and Kate Simon)


  • March 6-12, Acts 14-17 (contributors include  Catherine Gillette, Julius Jackson, Jim Moseley, Kate Simons, Bob Snable, Will Shackleford and John Potter)
  • March 13-19, Acts 14-17  (contributors include Mary Baber Reed, Frank Deming, Corey Dart and Bruce Gillette)
  • March 20-26, Acts 22-26  (contributors include Jane Ritterson, Carolyn Gillette, Deb Trevino, Anne Gunn, Frances Wolf, Duke Dixon and Bruce Gillette)
  • March 27-April 2, Acts 27-Mark 2  (contributors include Catherine Jackson, Grace Howard , Ann Weems, Carolyn Gillette, Jeanine Money, Jane Stsover and Diane Water)



  • January 10-16, Matthew 8-12 (contributors include Bruce Gillette, Anne Gunn, Caitlan Quinn Gartland, Mawuna Gardesey, Jeff Howard, Scott Burkley and Jeff Rogers)
  • January 17-23, Matthew 12-16  (contributors include Caitlan Quinn Gartland, Tom Stout, Randy Otto, Pamela Ruarke, Sister BJ Brown, Neta Pringle and E. Clifford Richards)
  • January 24-30, Matthew 16-21 (contributors include  Lisa Diller, Kathie Pownall, Holly Clark-Porter, Rob Prestowitz, Rich Watters, Donna Frischknect Jackson
  • January 31-February 6, Matthew 21-26 (contributors include  Chuck Taber, Reid Beveridge, Anne Gunn, Dave Lovelace, Lynn Horan, Kevin Bowers and Jim Horn