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Helpful information from our

Disaster Recovery Coordinator before the storm…

Ready.gov – This website will provide information about how to prepare your self and your family and how to create a kit to help you weather the storm.

Current Hurricanes & Tropical Storms – This link will take you to the National Hurricane Center

Rain Predictions – This link will take you to the NOAA page for current rain predictions.

http://www.de911assist.delaware.gov/ – The state of Delaware has a website with a form that you may find useful in evaluating the needs of your congregation. In the state of Maryland this form is available through your county government (usually listed under emergency management or services). Thank you to Fred from Community Church for the reminder that this is available.

Smart 911 No one plans to call 9-1-1, but now you can plan ahead. Smart911 can help save your life in the event of an emergency. The more information first responders know about you up front, the quicker they can act when every second counts. Smart911 is free, private, secure and used by thousands of 911 call centers across the country. Just complete the information in the link to get started.



Pam Ruarke
Disaster Recovery Coordinator
[email protected]
(410) 251-3528



 National Response Team Overview

 Indicators of Risk of Stress

 How Presbyterian Disaster Fund: How we work

 Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Churches 

 PDA Supported Programming

 Hurricane Preparation Procedure

 Rainstorm Emergency Checklist

Windstorm Checklist



Windstorm Emergency Checklist .pdf




Rainstorm Emergency Checklist .pdf  


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