Welcome to the Ignite Team webpage for New Castle Presbytery!

The IGNITE Team was formed by the Presbytery through Balcony II to encourage and support the missional ministry of each of its congregations and new worshipping communities.  With an intention to “feed your fire for ministry that is relational, contextual and bold”, IGNITE seeks to partner with our congregations to: 

  • spark new and expanding ministry
  • embolden and inspire congregations to try something new and build partnerships with other congregations, service agencies, denominations and visionaries
  • encourage congregations to engage in discernment of their call and of the needs present in their community

During the May 15, 2018 stated meeting of Presbytery, IGNITE presented an “Invitation to Partnership” to our congregations for 2018.  Funding facts and questions in addition to the Invitation to Partnership is located on the “Funding Resources” tab to the left of this informational webpage.  Within these tabs you will find applications, resources, including audio clips from the 2019 Annual Beach Retreat providing valuable insight to funding and programs and MORE!  

Take time to discern, to build a team and to gather your partners.  Wait on the Spirit and as it descends upon your church, let yourselves go where it leads!  Take the grace and gifts that you’ve been given into the world in Christ’s name so that your community might reflect God’s peace, hope and justice in new and powerful ways. 

Additional Questions?  Contact the IGNITE team through their email address ([email protected]).