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  • Presbytery Mission – Undesignated
    • Supplements the mission, program and meeting expenses while permitting use of the funds where they are most needed as determined by the Presbytery.

NCP PARTNERSHIPS –Congo (donation portal)

NCP Congo Partnership: Striving to build hope, relationships and empowerment for the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo and New Castle Presbytery through mutual respect, understanding, support and love. Donations endeavors include: Bible Project; Congo Partnership General Fund; Congo COVID-19 Response; Education; Empowerment of Women; Food Security; Health; and PDA Congo Disaster Relief. Provide your donation through the NCP Congo donation portal.

NCP PARTNERSHIPS – Guatemala (donation portal)

NCP Guatemala Partnership: Walking together with our partners, we faithfully respond to the widespread, critical needs of women and their families in Guatemala through sustainable development initiatives focused on health, income, education, the environment, and spiritual growth. Donation support can be designated to: Areas of greatest need; Cattle Project; Fuel-Efficient Stoves; or a Sewing School Scholarship. Provide your donation through the NCP Guatemala donation portal.