Pulpit Supply

View NCP’s fees for pastoral services here.  

NOTE: CREs commissioned to the Presbytery have authority to moderate a meeting as requested, preside over sacraments and preach. These individuals are denoted by (**).

If you have exhausted all possibilities (minister members on our pulpit supply list, retired or member-at-large PC(USA) teaching elders in our directory) and need further assistance, please contact the Presbytery office.

Simply looking for a minister member within PC(USA)?  Click the following link to view the PC(USA) Minister Locator.

Pulpit Supply was last updated: September, 2022

NameChurch/Membership Status
Elder Judy Adams
Milford, DE
H: 302-245-0484
Email Elder Adams
CRE (Ret.)/First-Milford
Rev. George Blair
Wyoming, DE
H: 302-387-1219
C: 609-891-7986
Email Rev. Blair
UCC, NACCC, ABC and UUA (Ret).
Rev. Scott Burkley
Middletown, DE
H: 302-378-3539
C: 302-893-2975
Email Rev. Burkley
NCP Honorably
Retired Minister Member
Geographic preference: no further south than Milford
Elder Corey Dart
Smyrna, DE
H: 302-659-1878
Email Elder Dart
Ruling Elder
Elder Mark Douyard
Dover, DE
C: 203-260-4486
Email Elder Douyard
Commissioned Ruling Elder**
Elder Mawuna Gardesey
Middletown, DE
C: 302-345-4950
Email Elder Gardesey
Commissioned Ruling Elder**
Rev. Bill Getman
Wilmington, DE
C: 302-660-8240
Email Rev. Getman
PCUSA Minister Member
Elder Anne Gunn
Wilmington, DE
C: 302-547-3784
Email Elder Gunn
NCP Ruling Elder
Rev. Bill Hathaway
Wilmington, DE
C: 410-353-7765
Email Rev. Hathaway
NCP Honorably Retired
Geographic preference: One hour drive
Rev. Len Hedges-Goettl
Rehoboth Beach, DE
C: 262-672-0583
Email Rev. Hedges-Goettl
NCP Honorably Retired
Geographic preference: Kent/Sussex County, DE
Rev. Jim Herrington
Newark, DE
H: 302-366-1160
Email Rev. Herrington
NCP Honorably Retired Minister Member
Rev. Grace Howard
Easton, MD
C: 302-593-3063
Email Rev. Howard
NCP Member-at-Large
Rev. Debbie Johnson
Harrington, DE
C: 843-568-6480
H: 302-566-6676
Email Rev. Johnson
NCP Honorably Retired Minister Member (pending transfer from Albany)
Elder Betty Kasperski
Georgetown, DE
C: 302-381-3198
H: 302-855-9477
Email Elder Kasperski
Commissioned Ruling Elder
Rev. Dave Lovelace,
Newark, DE
H: 302-368-5743
Email Rev. Lovelace
NCP Honorably Retired Minister Member; available for Adult Education as well
Rev. Carl Mazza
Chesapeake City, MD
C: 443-553-4694
Email Rev. Mazza
NCP Honorably
Retired Minister Member
Rev. Jim Mehler
New Castle, DE
C: 614-886-3681
Email Rev. Mehler
NCP Honorably
Retired Minister Member
Elder Rourke Moore (CRE)
Wilmington, DE
C: 302-559-2497
Email Elder Moore
Commissioned Ruling Elder**
Elder Dave Norton (CRE)
Lewes, DE
H: 302-947-1046
Email Elder Norton
Ruling Elder**
Rev. John Paderson
Newark, DE
C: 302-220-6470
Email Rev. Paderson
NCP Honorably Retired Minister Member
Rev. Chris Scott
Dover, DE
C: 303-319-0164
Email Rev. Scott
NCP Member-at-Large
Elder Jeremiah Seepersad
Rising Sun, MD
C: 443-941-4094
Email Elder Seepersad
Ruling Elder/Candidate
Under Care - Baltimore
Rev. Chelsea Spyres
Wilmington, DE
C: 302-562-8396
Email Rev. Spyres
Minister, United Methodist Church (and serving with NCP Riverfront Church)
Rev. Beth Thomas
Newark, DE
C: 302-379-2084
Email Rev. Thomas
NCP Minister Member-at-Large
Rev. Deb Trevino
Newark, DE
C: 502-541-7018
Email Rev. Trevino
NCP Minister Member-at-Large
Rev. Jenny Warren
Wilmington, DE
C: 302-690-4517
Email Rev. Warren
NCP Minister Member-at-Large