Congo Partnership


March 2019 

Healing Hearts, a trauma healing program, is initiated and coordinated by PC(USA) Mission Co-Worker Christi Boyd.

View a recent video depicting the type of trauma that thousands of children suffer resulting in the country’s warfare.

June 2015

Dear Congophils,

In the past month, I visited Congo for the dedication of the chapel at Institute Medical Chretien du Kasai. Two people went with me:

Becky Dwarshuis of First Presbyterian of Knoxville, TN (the church that gave over half the donations for the chapel) and Steve Vail (son of IMCK founding member Alice Longenecker.) Steve is a professional photographer, in his side job, and took beautiful photos and set up an open face page. To review those photos, you may go to his facebook page,

Our trip took us thru MPH, run by Cindy and Clay Dunn, who have done a remarkable job of administering this hostel, as well as constantly improving it. They have renovated two conference rooms; conferences are constantly being held there. For a small fee, Cindy now arranges for domestic flights and for the transport service to and from the airport. WHAT A GIFT CINDY AND CLAY provide for so many!  Cindy’s Dad is getting along in years, and they are looking forward to coming to the USA to visit him and others in August. Please consider again giving them a donation, for they are VOLUNTEERs in their work. IT is HARD, HARD for them to live on the donations made to them. To give, write a check to First Presbyterian Church of Norfolk and put For: MPH Congo Mission/Dunns. Mail to: First Presby Church Norfolk, 820 Colonial Ave., Norfolk, Va 23507. But also write to the Dunns at [email protected] to tell them about your contribution. GO AHEAD and do that this week, please. Any little amount is a gracious gift! We are all so blessed and these people, the Dunns, stand in for us in serving in our beloved Congo!

To my greater Congo family, my best wishes,

Charlotte Rule White


Seeking a Partnership?

Whether your congregation is big or small, it can make a significant difference in the physical, emotional, and spiritual lives of the people of the churches in the Congo.

Some of our churches have become business partners with the people of the Congo, providing not only spiritual support but financial support and the backing for our brothers and sisters to become financially independent. Some of the projects include NCP’s Palm Tree Plantation. This long-range project was developed to help KP obtain a sustainable source of new funding from the sale of palm oil.

The micro-lending program kicked off in 2009, saw more than 80% of the women who benefited from these loans paid them back within 2 months while receiving training and starting businesses and the remainder paying the loan in the third month.

Partnerships can be whatever your congregation is called by the Holy Spirit to do – prayer partners, fundraisers and exchanges.  For information on joining a partnership, call 302-366-0595.