Pre-Presbytery Workshops

837th Stated Meeting, September 19, 2017

There is an exciting set of workshops being offered prior to our Presbytery meeting on September 19 in Memorial Hall at First Presbyterian Church in Newark. All will begin at 2 PM (with the exception of Healthy Boundaries) and will conclude at 3:30 PM. The Presbytery meeting begins at 4 PM.  FOR PLANNING PURPOSES, PLEASE PRE-REGISTER THROUGH THE ASSOCIATED LINKS.

Plan to take advantage of these opportunities to learn about how our presbytery is active in the world.

  1. Quest for Peace and Justice in the Mid-East (Bob Stoddard/Greg Jones) (Rooms 3 & 4)

After a brief introduction and a contextual presentation, the workshop will include diverse perspectives on the conflict in the region, an analysis of obstacles to justice, and an update on the current reality and advocacy work for justice and peace for Palestine and Israel. The presenters will be a mix of local Palestinian-American and Jewish-American community members, including Rabbi Douglas Krantz, co-founder of J-Street (a pro-Israel, pro-peace group); Dr. George Zahr, a Palestinian born in Jaffa and a retired chemical physicist; Dr. Robert Abel, a Jewish-American ophthalmologist who has worked on medical missions in Israel and the Arab world; and Mrs. Mike Abel, a Palestinian-American human rights activist, board member of Delaware Churches for Middle East Peace and co-founder of DelNATO (Delaware Neighbors Against the Occupation).


REGISTER for “Quest for Peace and Justice” workshop: HERE


  1. Guatemala Partnership (Cathy Higgins/Emerson Morales/Carrie Saathoff) (Parlor B)

Cathy Higgins from our Guatemala Partnership Team (and our new Ignite Team!), and Carrie Saathoff from the Guatemala Partnership Team, along with Emerson Morales from Guatemala will share about our presbytery partnership and the Guatemala reality. Emerson is the Coordinator of International Encounters at the Protestant Center for Pastoral Studies in Central America (CEDEPCA) in Guatemala, a youth pastor, lover of books, coffee and Jesus. Together they will share about the work of CEDEPCA in seminaries, women’s ministry, disaster response and intercultural encounters. Want to get involved with our Guatemala partnership? This workshop is for you!

REGISTER for the “Guatemala Partnership” workshop:  HERE




  1. Congo Partnership (Laurie Loveless/Simon N’tumba) (Parlor A)

Simon Ntumba is the executive director of Improka, a printing business in Kananga, Congo that prints Sunday School curriculum, hymnbooks and other publications. An elder and member of the French-speaking church in the Kananga Presbytery he is treasurer for the New Castle/Kananga partnership team and a respected spokesperson for our partnership. As a result of his last visit in 2008, our Presbytery was able to give Improka a grant for a new printing press and other equipment to replace the old printing press from the late 1800’s! He will share an update on the church and his country in the aftermath of political violence, and how the church has responded, in part with the aid of our presbytery Peace and Global Witness offering. Laurie and Simon will also address questions about our partnership and share hopes for the future and how we can stay involved.

REGISTER for the “Congo Partnership” workshop: HERE


  1. Conversations with our Board of Pensions Representative (Martha Reisner) (Library)

Our Board of Pensions Representative, Martha Reisner, will be with us to share the latest updates from the Board of Pensions. After a brief presentation, this will be a time of discussion around your questions regarding Board of Pensions policy and finances. Bring your questions about insurance coverage, retirement savings and financial planning for your pastor and staff.

REGISTER for the “BOP Conversations” workshop:  HERE


  1. Beyond Basics” Healthy Boundaries Refresher Course (Hilary Livingston) (Gliwa Room)

This workshop fills the requirement of New Castle Presbytery’s Sexual Misconduct Policy that pastors take a “refresher” course at least every three years. This 2 ½ hour workshop fills that requirement for pastors. Others are most welcome. Begins at 1 PM. Pre-registration required.

REGISTER FOR THE “Beyond Basics” Refresher Course:  HERE