Health Ministry

What is the Health Ministry?

The Health Ministry was created by a local electrophysiology lab nurse in conjunction with the New Castle Presbytery to provide health-related information to the NCP Community. Health and wellness is a topic pertinent to all and health problems affect everyone. The search for accurate health-related information tends to spark many questions and concerns. In hopes of alleviating some stress and anxiety surrounding this dilemma, Health Ministry provides credible, accurate educational references about health topics applicable to all age groups monthly. Articles by Health Ministry Editor, Stephanie Scully Eskridge, RN, BSN

Issues Index


February – Minimizing your risk of heart disease January – New Year’s Resolutions … and why they fail


December – Christmas Tree Safety November – Thanksgiving … Safe and Delicious October – First Safety September – Atrial Fibrillation Awareness August – Hand Sanitizer Use July – UV Safety Month June – Professional Wellness Month May – Correct Posture and Better Sleep Month April – National Facial Protection Month March – Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month February – International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month January – When a Pandemic Lingers … Self-care