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Budget & Finance

Per the minutes of the 847th Stated Meeting of Presbytery (September 17, 2019), the per capita for 2020 will remain at $29.80.  For the breakdown, view the “2020 budgeting information to churches” below.

Employment & Compensation

Employment & Compensation Guidelines are reviewed and approved by the Committee on Ministers & Congregations.  For 2020, please note:

  • The effective salary form must be completed and returned by 2/15/20.
  • Church Treasurers:  Please be sure to update this information yearly within your online Board of Pensions Benefits Connect account to ensure accuracy of payments and associated benefits.
  • The approved New Castle Presbytery 2020 minimum salary for full-time ordained pastors is $53,181.00.
Employment & Compensation Documents


  • IRS Pastor’s Compensation is available here.


NOTE: Mileage Reimbursement for all Committees and Commissions of Presbytery has been reaffirmed by the Trustees as of their February 2019 meeting.  The 2020 Federal IRS mileage rate is $.575/mile and $.29/mile for committee/commission members.  View the full IRS standard mileage rates here.