Scholarships & Grants

Presbytery Scholarships

As approved by Presbytery Trustees on January 18, 2023 , youth and adult scholarships will be available from New Castle Presbytery to assist congregations in providing financial assistance to youth (through college age) and adults to attend and participate in faith-centered camping experiences, conferences and mission trips. Congregations submit the application and all approved funds will be disbursed to the congregation.

Funds are limited and will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Maximum amounts offered per camp/conference/mission trip are:

  • $300 per youth or adult; OR
  • $3,000 maximum per congregation per year

APPLICATIONS are available below. Download the application form for completion and signature of the church clerk of session and submit via email to the Presbytery office.

Questions? Contact the Presbytery office via email or phone (302) 366-0595.

We hope these funds help you in your youth ministry efforts this summer and beyond.

IGNITE Grants – Visit the dedicated webpage here

Update forthcoming for 2023!  Mini-Sabbatical Grants (from COMC for minister members – 2023)  DOWNLOAD REIMBURSEMENT here.  

Recognizing the challenges of the last few years and the many pressures faced by our pastors, the Committee on Ministers and Congregations (COMC) of New Castle Presbytery, in partnership with the Board of Trustees and Financial Resources Committee, is offering a “Mini-Sabbatical Grant” of up to $400 each to all Ministers of Word and Sacrament and Commissioned Ruling Elders currently serving in a pastoral ministry setting (congregation, hospital, or hospice).

We want to offer this as an opportunity for wellness, refreshment, self-care, and renewal to all our pastoral leaders.

This “mini-sabbatical grant” is not intended to be a replacement for taking a course of study that might normally be considered continuing education.  Instead, we encourage pastors to consider … in 2023:

What would enhance and enrich your life?

What would help make your “heart” sing and renew your soul?

Some examples might be:

  • a weekend away
  • severaldate nightswith your spouse or partner or friend (okay – with COVID restrictions it may be restaurant take-out but at least you’re not cooking!)
  • gym membership
  • a stack of favorite books to spend some “down time” away from theology & sermons, and maybe a “get-away” place to read them
  • painting class
  • cooking class
  • drumming class
  • ??? What would you want to do?  BE CREATIVE!  Imagine what would nurture your

This grant is based on a reimbursement process. Please complete the reimbursement form (MINI SABBATICAL VOUCHER 2023), attach receipts, and return it electronically to: [email protected] or send in hard copy to:

Presbytery of New Castle, 560 Peoples Plaza, #240, Newark, DE 19702

Synod of the Mid-Atlantic Funding 

Looking for a grant from the Synod of the Mid-Atlantic?  Their grant webpage provides more information about funding opportunities through the Synod.