Committee on Representation & Nominations (CORN)

What is CORN?

The Committee on Nominations and Representation (CORN) shall annually nominate to the presbytery at the last stated meeting of a calendar year persons to fill new classes on the presbytery mandated committees and commissions, any necessary representative search committees for presbytery’s staff, and candidates for the offices of Moderator and Vice-Moderator of the Presbytery.

The Committee on Nominations Process for Selecting GA Commissioners

The Nominating Committee will provide a slate of nominees for Commissioners and alternates to the PC(U.S.A.) General Assembly. This slate should be posted on the presbytery website and available to all no later than one month prior to the December meeting of the presbytery in the year before General Assembly.

The Presbytery meeting in December prior to the General Assembly will include a docket item for the purpose of electing Commissioners and Alternates.

In considering the slate of Commissioners, the Nominating Committee must be cognizant of inclusivity, diversity, and demographics of New Castle Presbytery.  The committee will seek inclusivity by considering the geographic dispersion of the presbytery, prior commissioners from a particular church and a variety of theological constructs.  The committee will seek to present a diverse slate of candidates to the presbytery that reflects the racial, ethnic, age and gender of the body.

The Nominating Committee will be open to receive recommendations and suggestions from all congregations, committees, units, and individuals in the presbytery.

In making the final selection of nominees, the Nominating Committee must seek to reflect not just the majority position or sense of the presbytery, but also those voices and groups that have been marginalized in prior years.  The committee must be intentional in their deliberations, prayerfully considering all candidates and attempting to serve the church with the best-qualified nominees.

The election at the December presbytery meeting will use paper ballots. Commissioners and alternates are elected by majority vote.

CORN committee members may access the CORN hub here.