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Social Network Mapping!

Updated: Apr 18

April 18, 2024 Third Thursday Training ... We're excited to announce that Amy Moritz, one of our application team members from the Bay Retreat, will be leading our upcoming Third Thursday Training. She'll be going over the topic that was offered during the Saturday afternoon block, Social Network Mapping. Join us for one hour, 5-6 pm Eastern, on Thursday, April 18. As always, I'll record the session for those who are interested and can't make it.

Here's a little more information about Social Network Mapping

Connecting and collaborating with others is an important strategy for strengthening communities. Chances are that the opportunities that you see for change, others have also seen, and may already be working on it. Collaborating prevents us from duplicating services and solutions already available. It is good stewardship. It brings together different perspectives and ideas that can lead to better solutions. When we leverage the strengths and resources of collaborating partners, we can have greater impact. In this workshop, we will introduce a tool for visualizing one’s network (and potential network) of connections. It’s great tool for discovering potential partners and identifying steps to take for connecting and building relationships.

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