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Congo Partnership ... Meaningful ways to give

November 16, 2023 Midweek - Pastor Thierry at the recent “inauguration” of the women’s new palm oil mill. They no longer will have to crush palm nuts manually!

The NCP Congo Partnership agreement builds and strengthens Christ-like relationships through not only encouragement, love, grace and a life of prayer, but also sharing of resources. Contributions to assist with the palm oil mill purchase. As we prepare for Advent and Christmas and our members seek meaningful ways to give, the Congo partnership encourages you to consider donations. Below are just a few examples:

BIBLES! They have placed a new order to arrive in a few months. They have several hundred in stock now at $17. In their own words, having a bible in their own dialect is “good evangelism”

NEW CHURCH CONSTRUCTION: As the Presbyterian church keeps growing, there are many churches without buildings. Matching funds for church donors can help with our seed money from Ignite to build.

PIGS: every time there is a new batch of pigs, they need food and medicine to stay alive

VULNERABLE CHILDREN: Many are now placed in foster homes or with relatives who do not have funds for their schooling. School supplies for a year cost $75- $100.

HOSPITAL: We have a long-standing relationship with the Good Shepherd Hospital. They can barely pay staff salaries, and purchase medicines and/or repair much needed medical equipment.

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