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Tell by Showing Course starts 1/8/2024

Training by Rev. Tom Davis - As a leader in your faith community, would you like to learn how to make your own narrated slideshows and videos? Here are some things you could do if you had those skills:

· Teach a class online

· Publish oral history from an honored elder

· Honor a friend who has passed on

· Publish invitations to upcoming events

· Exhibit the accomplishments and aspirations of your faith community

· Invite participation in a community project

· Solicit input from the community you serve

Video is the queen of media. Video is the primary way that young people consume information. Would your community of faith like to be in better communication with young people? Then share stories by video in social media where they hang out. Editing video may seem daunting, a very steep learning curve! But, if taken in strategic steps it’s easier than you think.

Beginning on January 8th Tom Davis is volunteering to teach a free Zoom course on making your own narrated slideshows and short videos. Who is he?

In 2011 Rev. Tom Davis of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., was commissioned an Interfaith Peacemaker by New Castle Presbytery, which serves Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. He uses still photography and filmmaking to promote interfaith understanding and cooperation. Also, as a Vietnam combat veteran and the founder and President of the Interfaith Veterans Workgroup he uses online skills to prevent veteran suicide. See:

Tom invites you to join a weekly Zoom class beginning at 7:00 p.m on January 8th that will train you to make your own narrated slideshows and videos. The objective of the course is to equip content providers in diverse faith communities to share stories in social networks about how they live out their faith. The course is called Tell by Showing.

REGISTER by clicking on the image below.

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