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Guatemala Partnership ... A "Hot Commodity" - Advent project support for fuel-efficient stoves

November 16, 2023 Midweek - This holiday season, many of us will prepare our feasts standing at a fancy stove-top, with double ovens and microwaves at the ready. But for many people around the world, their cooking reality is an open fire on a dirt floor in a smoke-filled kitchen. For Christmas, please consider giving the gift of a fuel-efficient stove to an indigenous family in Guatemala.

Each stove costs $250. Donors cover $200, while the recipient invests $50 of her own money toward the full cost. Because they spend so much less on firewood, women recoup their $50 investment in just five months. To date, more than 600 stoves have been delivered to Association members and there continues to be a waiting list of women who have saved up their share of the cost and are waiting for a stove.

This makes a great holiday gift for your loved ones who don't need one more "thing." Shares are available and donations of any amount are welcome. We also have lovely gift cards!

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